Lace Tint Melting Hair Mousse (Mocha- Medium Brow) For Wigs

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  • Premium Lace Mousse Tint – Ideal for women using lace wigs, synthetic weaves, natural braids, and other curly or straight hair types this tinted lace spray ensures you always look your best and feel beautiful inside and out.
  • Improve Control and Manageability – Our lace tint mousse for wigs helps you better manage curly hair, flyaways, synthetic braid extensions, and all types of unique hairstyles to give you a stylish, flawless finish you’ll love.
  • Quick Drying Formula – We’ve made it easier to apply our lace melting hair mousse by ensuring it dries quickly without leaving behind flakiness. And because it’s lightweight and supports natural skin tones and textures it’s perfect for all hair types.
  • Salon-Quality Finish – The most important factor behind our lace spray tint is that it blends in perfectly for a discrete, professional-grade look. An no worrying about it fading when you’re active, so you can wear it all day with total comfort
  • Rich, Natural Color – This alcohol-free lace spray tint features a medium Mocha brown color that blends in seamlessly with your hair and lace wig application to provide a clean, vibrant finish that looks 100% natural.
The Hide Out Lace Tinting Mousse is the perfect solution for those looking to have a seamless lace wig installation. Not only will it match your skin tone and hair line, but also help blend in with the natural lace wig seamlessly so you can walk out of our salon knowing that no one could tell which part was real!