Hair Wax Stick

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  • 【Edge Control】 Can style and smooth the edges of even the most unruly hair (broken hair, frizz hair or fly away hair )
  • 【Soft Styling】Smooths hair and improves shine. (Non-greasy, no white flakes, no frizz, no hardening), maintain the best condition throughout the day. Can be used together with strong styling gel
  • 【Safe & Healthy】Safe and healthy hair wax stick is white solid, contains beeswax avocado oil and other natural plant ingredients to nourish the hair, safe and non-irritating, does not hurt the scalp Suitable for any type and color of hair easy to clean, no residue
  • 【Easy Application】You can directly use the hair wax stick to apply it on the area of your hair that needs to be controlled, it will look more perfect if you apply it on your hand first to make the texture and shape even.
  • 【Cost effective】Affordable and provides good control of edge hair while being easy to carry around for use in a variety of settings. Makes your hair look fuller, shinier and more defined.
If you're still having trouble with broken hair around my forehead, this hair wax stick does a great job of smoothing them out and keeping them at the hairline instead of sticking out around your forehead like little bangs. This will create a spunky and clean hairstyle. You won't feel the heat in the summer because your hair is stuck to your neck. If you're a loyal wig user, this wax stick will smooth and make both the wig and your real hair look more natural! Product Features ★ Softens the style, adds shine and makes your hair look clean and neat ★ Control the edges of your hair so that bangs and broken hair don't fly in front of you a million times throughout the day ★ None of the products or ingredients have been tested on animals and are free of parabens, sulfates, phosphates and gluten. ★ Super high performance price ★ Stick applicator for more precise application to small areas of hair, yet easy to apply to large areas. ★ erfect for styling dreadlocks and enhancing dreadlocks shine Caution ★ Store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Make sure to tighten the cap after use, otherwise it may dry out quickly ★Please keep it in a high place to prevent pets or children from accidentally eating it ★If allergic reaction is found, please stop using immediately and seek medical attention promptly Packaging 1 bottle 2.7Oz Samnyte hair wax stick