Elastic Band for Lace Frontal Melt,

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  • This elastic band are used to melt your lace,lay your edges and keeping baby hair in place for a flawless melted scalp look for lace wig on both glued and glueless installs.
  • Features a velcr strap which makes it easy to adjust the tightness,No need to tie knots .The velcr tape on both ends makes it adjustable, tighter and firmer, and will not loosen.
  • Made of ultra-fine polyester fiber and high elastic latex, so it is soft and stretchy to use and allows enough pressure to press the lace into the scalp. It is effective on both glued and glue-less installs/wigs.
  • New version of 3.5cm width 57cm length – suitable for all head sizes, It helps to set the wig and prevent lifting while the adhesive cures without disturbing the hairstyle.
  • Size: width: 3.5cm, Length: 22.5 inch. 4 PCS for each pack. It's wide and comfortable without giving you a headache and long enough to fit most people
Say goodbye to silk scarves and other things that you used to lay down your lace and baby hair.Say hello to Boslance elastic lace melt bands. This elastic bands are used to melt your lace,lay your edges, and keeping baby hair in place for a flawless melted scalp look for both lace front wig and closure wigWear at night for the ultimate melt in the morning.Wear while showering to prevent lace from moisture.Wear at the gym to prevent wig slip off.This all around lace melt band is the perfect accessory for any wig wearer or stylist specializing in lace wig extensions.One pack comes with 4 pcs 60cm lace melt elastic bands for 3.5cm widthHow to use:Apply your layers of adhesive and your wig.Apply the our Melt Band on the edge of the lace and wrap around until velcr connectStyle wig as usual and allow the band to set in your style for 5-10 minutes.Undo the velcr and slow remove band from hairline.